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📌 Explorers Labs (Developer of LionDEX) is building the next-generation encrypted trading protocol by using decentralized network (Layer 2) to improve the trading experience and significantly reduce transaction costs to create a more efficient and fair trading environment. At the same time, the value of the protocols can be shared through smart contracts with the users.
📌 LionDEX provides perpetual futures services for multi-chain decentralized derivatives. The innovative "PvP-AMM" protocol that is based on "peer-to-pool" allows for quick response to trading instructions that completely eliminate trading spreads. The protocol charges extremely low transaction fees (a minimum of 0.008%), without any Borrowing Fees, Rollover Fees, or Funding Fees. The "PvP-AMM" protocol maximizes capital efficiency (total liquidity/net position), significantly boosts income for liquidity providers through the establishment of a Composite Vault on GLP, while also generating additional real position rewards for traders. LionDEX has also introduced a unique stop-loss insurance, where traders can claim up to 100% of their losses.
📌 LionDEX's 5 Main Financial Products:👇 ▪️ PvP-AMM, the multi-variety perpetual futures trading protocol based on composite index; ▪️ Extensive governance and token distribution through NFTs ▪️ Earn is provided based on protocol revenue distribution ▪️ Stop-loss insurance based on diverse trading needs; and ▪️ Initial offering services for tokens / NFTs (Launchpad)
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