📌 Important rights and benefits provided to the LionDEX community, which allows participation in limited Token/NFTs sales offered by LionDEX and its partners through Launchpad. These sales are usually the only channels for discounted sales or pre-sales, and are only conducted with a hard cap on funding. The proceeds are eventually distributed equally based on the overfunding ratio.

📌 The projects available for sale on Launchpad are divided into two types: public sales and Whitelist-Only. The participation requirements may include one or more of the following: ▪️ The average holding of LION Token during the specified snapshot period. ▪️ The average holding of LP tokens during the specified snapshot time period. ▪️ The upper limit of investment is determined by the volume of transactions in a stepwise manner. ▪️ Whether the participant owns any LionDEX Genesis NFTs. ▪️ Participate using LION/ETH/USDC (flexible).

📌If LION is used for sales, 1% of the max supply of LION will be burned, and the remaining 99% will be handed over to the IDO project team; if ETH/USDC is used for sales, 5% of the sales amount will be used to buyback LION, and the remaining 95% will be handed over to IDO project team.

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